At  Oropesa Clinic, we give an specialized dental service.

From the caries to dental implants, every treatment is made by a dental profesional exclusively dedicated to each area.

We have different dental services:

– General Dentistry.

– Dental Emergencies.

– Cosmetic Dentistry

– Ortodoncy

– Dental Implants and Surgery.

– Prothetis and oral rehab.

– Radiology.

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2 responses to “Dentistry

  1. Roozendaal, Koos

    I have a question:
    Please can you make me a offer about placing an implant at thooth element nr. 14 (first big chewing thooth upright. With a socket on top of the implant.
    I have receved your name from our frind Mrs Yvon Hensbergene from Holland. Who is a patient of yours.
    My name is mr Koos Roozendaal also from Holland
    My tel. nr is +31(0)640391174.
    You can sent me an E-mail with the possabilities and cost to

    • Pau

      Hi Koos!

      We will be glad on treating you but we can’t tell you the cost the implant without seeing you.

      It needs an oral exploration and also radiographic. We need to know about you general health.

      We must meet and talk to make a complete treatment plan. We don’t “sell” implants. We treat the person.

      So I apreciate the interest in us, so the best way is to give you an appointment to meet.

      Call us 964 31 31 30, or mail us We’ll be glad of seeing you!


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